Advantages for Students

MORE LEARNING, LESS PRESSURE: In an ideal world, it takes 24 subjects to achieve an American High School Certificate. However with our program, the student will not need to take all of those 24 credits as a high percentage of them will be validated on completion of your ICSE/CBSE 12 th Std Exams. So, our students will only need to take ONLY 5 SUBJECTS instead of 24 subjects to qualify for The American High School Certificate.

FLEXIBILITY AND MORE OPTIONS: There is flexibility in terms of the subjects offered. There are options to do these 5 subjects in 2, 3 or 4 years also giving opportunities for our 10 th and 11 th standard students. The students and parents together can opt for which option they want to go depending on their study and career plans.

Option A: 4 years (9 th , 10 th , 11 th and 12 th )

Option B: 3 years (10 th , 11 th and 12 th )

Option C: 2 years (11 th and 12 th )

This Programme gives an opportunity to carry extra credits to college by doing AP and honors that will give them a huge edge over other International Students who are applying for American college admissions.

● The Programme conforms to the highest level of global educational standards. The standards that are maintained in terms of teaching skills and academics are unparalleled and at par with the highest global standards.

● Students can avail opportunities to pursue graduation studies both in Indian and US universities since they have the High School Certificate from both the countries.

● Two high school certificates from two different country doubles the graduate and post graduate college options both in India and in America. You can go either way with the additional American High School Certificate.

For Eg: Students can now choose to write CAT or NEET or do bachelors in India or apply for any US or Eurpoean College for bachelors degree or Mass Communication. This way they are doubling their college admission opportunites both inside and outside India.

● All this come at an affordable cost and comparatively lesser efforts as it comes at 1/3 of the price of an actual American School Certificate Programme. There is no need for him or her to leave the parents and travel to distant lands. There is no need to worry about exorbitant costs. COVID-19 or other challenges will not be able to disrupt the learning process.

● A greater interest level and motivation, better learning autonomy, an interdisciplinary nature, digital and audio-visual literacy, development of information search and selection skills, or even a positive teacher-student communication are just some of the many advantages.