Advantages for School

● The American High School Certificate is a prestigious, recognized, international programme. And any school offering this program, joins a new study trend which is becoming noticeable in charter and private schools all over the world.

● This programme will not only gives a unique and prestigious image to your school compared to your other local competition but will also attract many new students and their parents from different parts of your region.

● It provides lots of new subjects and International syllabus without any impact or modification to the school study plan. It supports students in their efforts to find employment abroad, giving them competitive tools and encouraging their effort and independence.

● Your Academy can be one of the very few Schools in India to provide American College Board Honors and Advanced Placements to your students. It brings more sense and logic into bilingual and plurilingual programmes.

● This Programme gives an excellent opportunity to engage more closely with top American Universities via Sudent Exchange, and Principal Exchange Programs. It also provides huge international exposure to the teachers who will learn from this global program.

Greater autonomy in choosing the subjects, greater audiovisual and digital skills, higher levels of dedicated teacher-student interaction- Who will ask for more ?

Let the child announce herself/himself on the global stage. Think beyond frontiers. Go global.

Think beyond the limits. Let your child avail the best education that is available in the planet. Let the child reach a level where he or she doesn’t have to be worried about a great career.