There is lot Knowledge, information & learning’s to grasp in the field of Robotics which is never ending. And we have ensured to include topics to educate students in progressive direction.

Robotics & Artificial intelligence is one of the most intriguing technologies in today’s time for everyone. Robotics serves as the science and technology for the design, manufacturing and application of robots, which includes the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer programming.

Robotics collaborates with artificial intelligence, to allow robots to react and respond to their surroundings in real time, without guidance other than computer programming. Nowadays companies are increasingly using robots in fields to fill labour roles in manufacturing, complete tasks in healthcare, and serve as receptionists, guides, and helpers.

University, Fun and Robotics Workshop
Day 1 Boston Duck Tour
Day 2 Harvard University Campus Tour and a Workshop, 3D Printing Workshop at a local school
Day 3 MIT University Campus Tour and a Workshop, Proceed to New York
Day 4 Columbia University Campus tour, City tour of NYC, Empire State Building Observatory
Day 5 Princeton University Campus Tour, Evening transfer to the airport for Flight to Orlando
Day 6 Visit Full Sail University or UCF, ICON park (observation wheel, aquarium & wax museum, plus shops)
Day 7 Robotics Workshop
Day 8 Robotics Workshop
Day 9 Visit Universal Studios

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